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KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

Below are the Pet Of The Week Winners!

KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

It’s The KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest! Brought to you by:


Send us your favorite pix of your cuddly, creepy, cute, furry, funny pets!  We’ll pick a winner each Tuesday morning and post the picture on The KKBN website for all the world to celebrate your winning picture!

Send all photos to and good luck from your pet friendly radio station Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(02.24.15)


    I’m Sammy and I’m only 7 months young weighing in at 13 pounds!  I am a bowl full of jelly and I like to stretch out on the couch and chill!  Please award me the KKBN Pet of the Week!  Meow!

    Jerry Fountain


    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(2.17.15)


    Hi Big Joe & Bridgette,

    After 25 years we decided to get another Springer Spaniel. This is Sophie (out at the gun range). We got her at 8 weeks old. She is 14 weeks old now.  We take her trap shooting with us. The noise doesn’t bother her. She loves all the attention from people coming up and petting her. She’s so cute. She sleeps in her crate all night and rings the bells on the door to go out and go potty.  She conquered  these things in the first three weeks that we’ve had her. She’s figured out she can ring the bells just to be let outside to play. It seems like we are up and down letting her in and out. Gotta get her to quit biting/chewing on our hands and feet. OUCH!

    Marie & Bob Hankins

    aka Gramma & Grandpa
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  • KKBN Pet of The Week(02.10.15)


    This is our Rottweiler, Boudreaux and our son Julius……They had a deep conversation about the Raiders and their decision to start Derek Carr this week in their week one loss to the Jets!
    Boudreaux is our 7 year old rottie….. We’ve had him since he was a baby and have raised him with all 5 of our children! He’s really a best friend to us and part of our family!!! WE JUST LOVE HIM!!!!
    Kellie Hebert
    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(02.13.15)


    Thought I would submit this stunning pup of mine.

    Here is a little info on “Freedom”.

    I found freedom in a shelter in Okeechobee where the shelter originally found him in a kill shelter in Jacksonville. The Shelter was originally going to put Freedom down because he was too shy and wouldn’t come up to anyone. When we found him we instantly fell in love with his sweet face. He was very timid and scared but we knew we must have him. We finally were able to adopt him and his attitude had changed drastically. He is such a happy puppy and we wouldn’t know what to do without him. He’s been part of our family since. Adopt don’t Shop!

    Thank you for your time,

    Jaycee Mason

    The Pet of The Week is brought to you by:



  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.30.14)


    This is Guinness. He’s been battling a pancreatic tumor for the past six months.  He was only given a month to live, but wanted to see Santa Paws again.  He lives for food and the love of everyone he meets.
    His Aunt Joy loves him the most.


    Joy Fisher


    The Pet of The Week is brought to you by:



  • KKBN Pet of the Week 12-23-14


    Pet Of The Week This is Ozzy Named after Ozzy Osbourne!
    He is 11 years old and is very smart and at time acts like “The Prince of freakin darkness” lol Ozzy's Mommy is Christine Graham


  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.16.14)


    Hi! This is Bella. She is a 2-year old american eskimo. She enjoys walks, chasing her tennis ball, swimming, and playing in the snow. She is great around kids of all ages and always wants to be with her family. And as you all may have guessed, her fur is VERY soft!

    Yvonne Welsh


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  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.09.14)


    Big Joe and Bridgette,

    This is Brodie. He is 7 months old and ready to celebrate his first Christmas. He already loves the holidays and thinks everything on our Christmas tree is for him to play with. Isn’t he handsome?

    Amber M. (Brentwood, CA)


    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.02.14)


    Hi there! Our dog Faith came to us last year after her owner could no longer keep her. My son brought her home (his 2nd “rescue”). We were hesitant at first, but quickly realized what an awesome dog she is. She has the silliest personality, and puts up with our other dogs anxiety, and the cats constantly harassing her. She gets up from a nap with “bed ears”. When we come home she greets us with a guilty smile on her face, like she has done something wrong. We couldn’t imagine not having her now!

    Thank you,
    Sarah Stearns


    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(11.25.14)



    Dear Big Joe and Bridgette,
    I would like to nominate my two Boxers, Hana and Dolce, for pet of the week.  Hana is 10 1/2 years old and is thankful that she was adopted from a shelter and has been with us for 10 years!  She is thankful for he spins like a kangaroo.  Hana’s nickname is “Hana Jo Banana”.  WE are thankful to have both these silly girls in our life!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    Marie Tiraschi


    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(11.18.14)


    This is Sunflower, the cat.  She was adopted from the Calaveras Humane Society about a year and a half ago.  She’s playing with our 3 month old Holland Lop, Fluffy.  Don’t worry, they are always closely supervised!

    Thank you,


    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(11.11.14)

    Hi this is Loleta, she is a 5 year old miniature jenny and as you can see she is a real princess of the barn yard

    Thanks Nancy

    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(11.04.14)



    Me and Nitro



    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(10.28.14)



    This is Kilo our lovable little chiweenie for pet of the week

    Cassandra Barnes

    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(10.21.14)


    Porsche the bulldog is all ready for Halloween!

    Mary Carella



    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of the Week

    pet of week

    Hi, my name is Willy Joe Croslin And I am the most loving dog you’ll ever meet. Please vote for me as Pet of the Week because I love to ride in my Daddy’s truck while listening to KKBN. I also am welcome in most stores downtown when Mommy walks me in Sonora.

    The KKBN Pet of the Week is brought to you by:

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(10.07.14)
    Here is Teddy also known as TED. He is just one cool dog and has all sorts of personality. We rescued Teddy about 2 years ago. He is so funny, center of attention, playful, loveable,  brat, rambunctious, and selfish. Everyone who meets Teddy for the first time or every time wants to take him home!( Even my sister and her husband who don’t like dogs). TED will jump up into your arms and he is a little guy. He loves to go bye bye in the car or walk and when you can’t find him always look in the car!!. Found him many times just hanging out in the front seat. :). Teddy loves his sister Lola he looks up to her and he learned quickly that she is the Boss!. Attached is a few pictures of TED and also pictures of our Lola.
    They both Eola love to be the KKBN pet of the week, TED would think he was the King!.
    Thank you!
    Proud parents :) of TED AND LOLA

    The KKBN Pet of The Week is Brought to you by:


  • KKBN Pet of The Week(9.30.14)
    Woodrow Wilson Gray
    Miniature Australian Shepherd
    8 weeks
    4 pounds
    Lover of intellect, wit, and his Boston Terrier brothers
    Charlotte Gray


    The KKBN Pet of The Week is Brought to you by:



                                                                                                                                          Find Your Best Friend Here

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(9.23.14)

    pow92314Bram is a 5 yr old Airedale terrier who weighs 120 pounds. We brought him from Prairie City Oregon as a puppy, he is mischevious and is known as the Robin Williams of dogs. He keeps us laughing constantly. He thinks he is a lap dog and likes to sit on your lap! He will fetch the newspaper from the bottom of our driveway for a treat, knows several tricks and loves long hikes. He adores children and is antagonized by the local squirrels. Just a week ago I saw him in pursuit of a black bear who was growling ferociously, he did not catch it of course! Bram is the best dog we have ever owned, his nickname is ” Pooky Wilson”

    Lyne Hildreth

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(9.16.14)


    This is Desi, She is 5.5 lbs and is a yorkie. Born September 15, 2012.
    Thank you for considering my baby girl.
    Lucy Heelon

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(9.9.14)


    This is Ron. He is one of the many feral cats around Sonora that I was lucky enough to come across at work when he was a kitten. I feed and worked with him for over a year before I was finally able to bring him home to be apart of our family. Now he spends his days hanging out in the yard and climbing trees ( higher than I would like at times :) ) so glad he trusted me enough to be the human in his life.


    Jyl Cabral

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(9.2.14)
    Madgey helping me do laundry!
    Madgey my 6 month old bulldog who has Spina Bifida <3
    The Davis Family
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(8.26.14)



    My name is Heidi Miller, this is my creepy looking dog! Her name is Charlie she is a house dog and her best friend is a cat. She is 3yrs old and she is a chihuahua.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(8.19.14)


    Hi! My name is Mia Rosa. I am a 13-year-old chihuahua and a delight to my MaMa and DaDa!

  • KKBn Pet of The Week(8.12.14)
    Hi, this is Abbott and Costello, our 2 nigerian dwarf goats, they own the backyard as they relax on the chairs.
    Nancy Willmes
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(8.5.14)


    Hello my name is Kacie tune. I want to nominate my purebred French bulldog Dakoda for pet of the week. He’s 10 weeks old I just got him, he follows me every where, He’s really funny and enthusiastic.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(7.29.14)

    Please meet Bo, our 4 year old hound mix that went through two different homes before finding his forever home at age one.  He likes to hike in the forest, go to the beach and tagging along when we ride our horses.  During football season he always supports our team (go 9er’s!).  He’s a very good boy and just loves the camera!  He would be so proud to be the KKBN Pet of the Week – thank you!! Carolyn Armstrong

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(7.21.14)



     “This is Jody, my Grand-Doggie”

    Jody just has to win pet of the wk contest, she’s
     gorgeous, sweet, and needless to say VERY laid back.
    She’s a little on the larger size, but she might say
    if she could talk: (I have big bone’s.) and I like bones too.
     Slobber, & Drool Kisses’ Jody.
  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(7.15.14)


    Hello Big Joe and Bridgette!

    My name is Gizmo I am a mix of dachshund & chihuahua and this is my friend Maddy the beagle.   We came together about 10 months ago and are now play buddies.   Maddy is about 7 1/2 years old and I will turn one on June 16th.    Our owners say that since I came into the house I turned Maddy from being an unsociable and lazy dog to a dog who actually plays now.    It would be an honor for the two of us to be co-kkbn pets of the week.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(7.8.14)
    This is my Munchkin cat, Mumu.  He’s a special cat because he has short legs and doesn’t know he’s short. I joke on facebook about Mumu running for Mayor of Merced, first order of business, cuddling and cat nip.  I hope you consider my cat Mumu, he’s very special.  He saved my life from a asthma attack.
    Carolyn Kaye Shimmel
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(7.1.14)

    Hello Big Joe and Bridgette!


     This is Stella and she is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab/Chessapeake Bay Retriever that we rescued outside of Walmart.  She was 11 weeks old and not well taken care of. Her family had been feeding her and her siblings hotdogs, and they were all infested with mange.   We brought her into our home, got her healthy and she quickly became the love of our lives.  Stella loves the water, she’ll play fetch until she can’t walk anymore, and she can definitely lick you to death!  She is our baby and we are so great full for such a wonderful dog that was brought into our lives by chance!  She’s a wonderful guard dog for our home, as well as best friend to us. Please choose her for pet of the week!



    Jakin and Kristie

  • KKBN Pet of The Week (6.24.14)



    Hello!! This is our Australian Shepherd beautiful boy named Bleu. Bleu just recently turned one yr’s old. Happy Birthday Bleu! Our three children love him so very much, words can not express . At 10 months old He flew out from Kansas City. All the way home to Murphy’s Ca. better know as “wine country”. were he runs wild and free on 5+ Acres in the beautiful Sierra Mountains. His favorite thing to do is chase the kids on their dirt bikes while trail riding. Every morning the first words out of anyone’s mouth is where Bleu. He is kissed, hugged and tummy rubbed constantly. Spoiled Rotten with toys, and loves going shopping to Pet Smart to pick his own favorite toy off the shelf! Every morning Bleu never misses the ride to the bus stop to drop the kids off which is a mile and a half down a dirt road. On the way back from the bus stop Bleu has to get out and run home herding us all the way home as if we were cattle. Our baby boy goes everywhere we go because we just pic can’t leave home without him. We Love you Bleu and think you should be the next nominee picked.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(6.17.14)


    Hi KKBN crew. I would like to nominate our Queensland heeler for pet of the week. His full name is Damit Dale No (he had a ruff puppy hood)but he now goes by just Dale or my husband calls him lil buddy.They are inseparable .We will be celebrating his 4th birthday this Sunday (June 15) as well as Father’s Day since he was a special gift to my husband Keith from me and  my girls. He is a special part of our family and we love him so.
    Thank you. The Woods Family

  • KKBN PET OF THE WEEK(6.10.14)



    Hi! I’m Mose. Lots of people mispronounce my name as Moose or Moses, but it is like ‘hose’ with an ‘M’ instead of the ‘h’. I am a five year old cairn terrier who loves walks, naps, and bringing in the Union Democrat everyday for a yummy bacon flavored treat. My mom dresses me up every year for Halloween and this was one of my favorite costumes. We call it “Dog Lobster” (thanks B52s). I think I make a great candidate for the Pet of the Week as the first and only half dog half lobster.  Thank you. Mose and Maggie Duncan

  • KKBN Pet of The Week (6.3.14)


    This is Jasper, my 3yr old sons kitty! Jasper is a 1.5yr old walmart cat! I was concerned after bringing him home & ALMOST re-homed him, but chose not to (thank god)! He turned out to be the most amazing cat & loves my son unconditionally. He listens to my son read to him, watches us do arts & crafts, sleeps on my sons pillow everynight & is loved by all of my neighbors too. He recently went missing for 2 very long weeks & just when I was about to give up on finding him… he showed up at the back door! I knew instantly that it was time to nominate him for pet of the week! Thank you! ♥ Jonah & Jennifer Keyes

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(5.27.14)
    lola -1-3
    I am new to the area and a pet/ family  photographer.  I would like to submit my dog ‘Lola’ for Pet of the week.
    Lola just turned 3 this week and is an amazing dog. She came to me at ten months old and I spend several months training her, she loves to go everywhere with me She also loves my camera.

    I donate dog photography weekly to the Humane Society of Tuolumne County to help aid in adoptions.

    Janice Carabine

    Friday, 27 February 2015 01:06

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